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Competition is a buzz word in colleges. Students compete for grades, they compete to receive accolades. So why not compete for inter-collegiate competitions. Participation in inter-collegiate competitions need ones honing of skills. Taking cue from Mr.Nazeer, a B.Com. student (2011-12) an association by name Hindu College Intellectual Knowledge Enhancement (HIKE) has been formed. The aim of HIKE is to train our students to participate in inter-collegiate and other competitions and conduct skill enhancement activities. The uniqueness of HIKE is adapting to the needs and developmental opportunities of students.


for the student

of the student

by the student


The HIKE moulds the students into future professionals with sustainable careers

The association will prepare the students to become a responsible, participating citizen and a leader.

To enrich the knowledge of all our students and also to transform their elegant life into a different position.


The association believes that a perfect mission will lead us in achieving our desired vision. Our mission is to bring out the talents and skills of all the students.