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Self Study Report (SSR)

Extended Profile

2.1 Number of students year-wise during the last five years

2.2 Number of Seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI/ State Government

3.1 Number of full time teachers during last five years

4.1 Total Number of class rooms and seminar halls

4.3 Number of Computers

Metric ID

1.1.3 Teachers of the Institution participating in curriculum development

1.3.2 Average percentage of courses through Project work/field work/Internship

T1.4.1 Feedback System on the Syllabus from Stake holders (Students ,Teachers and Alumni Feedback)

2.1.2 Reserved categories during the last five yearsity.

2.4.2 No of full time teachers with Ph.D during the last five years.

2.6.3 Number of final year students who passed the university examination during the last five years.

3.3.3 Number of Books and chapters in edited volumes/ published during the last five years.

3.5.1 Number of collaborative activities for research / faculty exchange/ internship during the last five years.

4.1.3 Number of class rooms and seminar halls with ICT facilities

4.2.4 Number of teachers and students using library per day over last completed academic year

4.3.2 Student computer ratio for the latest completed academic year.

5.1.2 Number of students benefited by non-government agencies scholarships

5.1.3 Capacity building

5.2.1 Number of outgoing students placed during last five years

5.2.2 Number of outgoing students progressing to higher education during last five years.

5.3.3 Number of sports and cultural/events/competitions during the last five years.

5.4.2 Alumni contributions during last five years.

6.3.3 Number of professional development/ administrative training programs during the last five years.

6.3.4 Number of teachers attending professional development programs during the last five years.

7.1.4 Water conservation facilities

7.1.5 Green campus initiatives

7.1.6 Quality audits by the institution

7.1.7 Dis-abled friendly and barrier free environment by the institution


Mrs. Dr.Zainabbee Asst.Professor Department of Hindi (Shift1)

Mr.K.Gurumoorthy Asst.Professor Heartfulness Meditation Trainer Department Of Computer Science(Shift2)

Committee Members

Ms.P.Malathi Asst.Professor Department of Tamil(Shift 2)

Mrs.D.Pavithra Asst.Professor Department of Telugu (Shift1)

Our volunteers have participated in the initiative programme which was conducted by health inspectors from various government hospitals in and around avadi. They told us about the symptoms, precautionary measures and cure for the deadly leprosy. They also told us about the 18 days survey which will be lead by our NSS volunteers.

It was the temple project conducted by the NSS UNIT of our college. Our volunteers were indulged in activities like crowd management and several other temple works. They provided great hospitality to the people. Everyone appreciated our work.