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Climate Change


DRBCCC Hindu College has added another feather to its cap by starting a center exclusively for creating awareness related to climate change. The Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign was inaugurated on May 13, 2022 by the eminent climate campaigner, Dr. S. Janakarajan. In his interaction with the students and the faculty, he exhorted everyone to be an active agent in making DRBCCC Hindu College campus and their home environment friendly. Dr. S. Janakarajan is also the Chairman and the expert consultant of the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign, DRBCCC Hindu College. He highlighted the importance of a center for climate literacy in the academic space and congratulated DRBCCC Hindu College and its management for starting the center. DRBCCC Hindu College is the first college in Chennai to have a center for climate literacy. The college management with the active participation of the faculty and students plan to organize many events in the future to create awareness related to climate change. The inaugural event was presided over by, Sri. B. Gautham, Trustee Member of DRBCCC Hindu College charities, Principal DRBCCC Hindu College, Dr. G Kalvikkarasi, Director, Center for Research and Development, Dr. N Rajendra Naidu.


The Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign's focus areas are, water conservation, energy conservation, air pollution, waste management, plastic avoidance and tree planting and greenery. The main objective is exclusively for creating awareness related to climate change.

Convenor & Committee Members

  • Chairman - Prof. S.Janakarajan
  • Core Group: Dr D.Lakshminarayanan, Dr B.Kalaiyarasan, Dr G.Suresh, Dr A.Nancy & Ms K.Pavithra Bharathi
  • Climate Leaders: Dr S.Prabakaran, Mr R.Suresh, Mrs G.Deepa, Mrs M.Nithyalakshmi, & Dr S.Thiyagarajan
  • Climate Champions: - Students volunteers
  • Documentation: Mr Premjith Mathew, Dr S.Kannadasan


International Day for Clean Air and Blue Skies 2022 Theme: 'The Air - We Share'

The third International Day of Clean Air and Blue Skies was commemorated on September 7 th , 2022,at 11 am with an event organized by the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign, DRBCCC Hindu College, Chennai 72. The theme for this year's event was the 'Air we Share'. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr S. Janakarajan, an alumnus of our college and a renowned climate campaigner. He is also the external consultant for the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign, DRBCCC Hindu College.Dr. G Kalvikkarasi, Principal, DRBCCC Hindu College presided over the function. She also delivered the special address in which she shared her valuable thoughts on the day and the impact of climate change on the environment. Sri. B Gautham, Trustee member of DRBCCC Hindu College Charities attended the event and inspired the young climate champions with his speech. In his well researched and multimedia rich keynote address, Dr. S Janakarajan spoke in detail about biosphere, troposphere etc.He made the session quite interactive by asking students to give their opinion and comments on the topic of air pollution and clean air. Dr. D Lakshminarayan, Core Member, Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign, welcomed the chief guest. Dr. G Kalvikkarasi honored the chief guest with a memento. Dr. S. Prabhakaran, Core-team member of the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign proposed the vote of thanks. More than one hundred climate champions from various departments attended the event.

World Environment Day

Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign DRBCCC Hindu College in association with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education organized a commemoration event to mark World Environment Day on June 6, 2002. The event was held at the RJB Seminar Hall inside the campus from 12.30 PM to 2 PM. Renowned environmentalist and founder of Pasumai Bhoomi Foundation Mr. J Regan was the chief guest. Mr. Regan is also a Wildlife volunteer and a trainer in natural farming methods. Recently the Tamil Nadu government awarded him with the Green Champion award. The event started with the customary Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu which was sung by the student volunteers. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. B. Kalaiyarasan, a core member of the Centre for Climate Literacy and Campaign. It was followed by the address of Dr. G. Kalvikkarasi, Principal, DRBCCC Hindu College. In her address, Dr. G. Kalvikkarasi highlighted the importance of celebrating the World Environment Day to create awareness among students and faculty about the perils of climate change and other climate-related issues.

The chief guest was honoured with a memento by the Principal. Dr. S. Kannadasan, a member of the Climate Literacy Centre, DRBCCC Hindu College, introduced the Chief Guest which was followed by the interactive session by the Chief Guest, Mr. J.Regan. In his speech, Mr. J. Regan underlined the importance of knowing the immediate environment around us and taking steps to protect it. He urged the students to plant more trees and increase the greenery. He said that planting trees qualifies as the first step towards environmental conservation. Throughout his speech Mr. Regan interacted with the students and made them realize that they are responsible for a better tomorrow. With the help of colourful posters, he explained about the common snakes found in India and what are the precautionary steps that one should take in case of snakebite. Students felt that the session was quite productive in terms of the dissemination of information. Mr. Regan even sang a few rap songs to convey his message. The students found the songs highly inspiring. Prof. Premjith Mathew proposed the Vote of Thanks. Prof. R. Suresh served as the master of ceremony. 79 Climate Champions and 9 faculty members who are part of the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign, along with nine staff members attended the event. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, a leading dentist was also part of Mr. J. Regan's team.

The second part of the World Environment Day commemoration happened around 3.30 PM on the same day. The Climate Champions of the Center for Climate Literacy and Campaign along with the staff members, Dr. B. Kalaiyarasan and Prof. Premjith Mathew planted saplings of thirty fruit-bearing trees in the campus. The student volunteers were actively involved in planting the saplings and the ones who planted the saplings were asked to take care of the sapling. The saplings planted included, pomegranate, lemon, gooseberry, mango, and jackfruit.