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About our Charities

The members of the Trust Board are dedicated and have strongly resolved to continue the Founder's philanthropic services. The management is running four schools and a college viz. Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty's Hindu Higher Secondary School at Tiruvallur (1887), Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty's Higher Secondary School at Perambur (1890), Seetha Kingston Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Kilpauk (1969), Calavala Cunnan Chetty 's Hindu Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Kakkalur (2003) and - Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty's Hindu College at Pattabiram. (1969) in memory of our founder. The College and the Seetha Kingston School were started to commemorate the birth centenary of our testator.

The Trust, in continuation of the Founder's social services, makes regular monthly contributions to many needy institutions and individuals. Abhaya Nilayam at Mylapore and the Society for the Protection of Children - the Destitute Home at Washermenpet, Sri Vasavi Sisu Vihar Trust, George Town, Sri Matha Trust (for cancer patients), Nethrodaya (home for the blind) are among the numerous institutions that enjoy the financial assistance of our Trust. A modern free choultry is being run at Egmore for those who come to Chennai for medical treatment. The Trust also voluntarily donated a substantial sum towards the cost of five class rooms to Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Devasthanam and Charities for their Women's College at Kothwal Market, Chennai. Medical Assistance is provided to deserving persons for undergoing major operations i.e. open heart surgery, kidney transplants, etc. Donations are given for construction and renovation of temples which are in dilapidated condition. Liberal donations are made by the management for various relief funds of Government.

Former Trustees of Our Charities

Sri Sami Venkatachalam Chetty Garu

Trustee 1920-1958

Sri Thatha Nagiah Chetty

Trustee 1920-1935

Sri Thatha Raghavalu Chetty

Trustee 1920-1944

Sri Pottur Aiyannah Chetty

Trustee 1920-1933

Sri Rao Bahadur V. Parthasarathi Chetty

Trustee 1920 - 192

Sri C. Soobramaniam Chetty

Trustee 1935 - 1959

Sri C. V. Rahava Chetty

Trustee 1935 - 1949

Sri Calimidi Alavandar Chetty

Trustee 1935 - 1939

Sri Sani Venkatesa Perumal Chetty

Trustee 1935 - 1950

Sri Gunipudi Subramaniam Chetty

Trustee 1935 - 1938

Sri G. Subbu Krishna Chetty

Trustee 1938 - 1966

Sri G. Veeraraghavalu Chetty

Trustee 1939 - 1963

Sri C. Y. Sanjeevi Chetty

Trustee 1945 - 1952

Sri C. Ranganayaculu Chetty

Trustee 1945 - 1951

Sri G. Krishna Arya

Trustee 1946 - 1964

Sri P .A. Aiyannah Chetty

Trustee 1945 - 1974

Sri Gollapudi Suryanarayan Chetty

Trustee 1950 - 1955

Sri A. Cunniah Chetty

Trustee 1951 - 1973

Sri C. Ethiraj

Trustee 1953 - 2007

Sri J. Govindaasamy

Trustee 1955 - 1993

Sri P. Venkataswami

Trustee 1959 - 1984

Sri C. Emberuamanar Gupta

Trustee 1959 - 2003

Sri C. N. Alwar Chetty

Trustee 1963 - 2004

Dr. T. M.Srinivasan

Trustee 1966 - 1984

Sri C. Radhakrishna Chetty

Trustee 1975 - 1980

Sri T. Ramachandra

Trustee 1984 - 1991

Sri S. Nandagopal

Trustee 1993 - 2009


Dr. Pravin TellaKula, M.B.B.S., D.O.FIACLE (Australia)
President & Trustee
Sri M.V. Cunnaiah Chetty, B.Sc., B.Com.,
Managing Trustee
Sri C.Venkatachalam, B.Com., D.B.M.,
Sri V. Sethuram,
Sri Vummidi Sreehari, B.Sc.,
Sri M. Venkatesaperumal, B.A, F.C.A.,
Honorary Secretary & Trustee